This page is dedicated to HISTORICAL PRESERVATION with special appreciation to the women, who worked and fought side by side with American Patriots to support the cause of American Freedom.  And to the women of DAR who continue their work to ensure these sacrifices are not forgotten.


 Women assisting in the Revolution


                                         Oneida Chapter members are proud of the part they have played both....          

                           ...."THEN AND NOW"                                                             

                                                                                            Organizing Regent
Picture of Organizing Regent Julia Seymour Conkling
                                                                                                                         Julia Seymour Conkling
                                                             (Mrs. Roscoe Conkling)

...THEN it was 1893 and Oneida Chapter's First Regent, Julia Seymour Conkling, graciously hosted the Chapter's first meeting in her home at 3 Rutger Street, Utica, New York.  As Organizing Regent, she is said to have exhibited a charming manner and strong leadership. thereby leaving a memorable heritage for future members.  So inspiring was Julia's example, that upon her death only a few months after founding the Chapter, its Daughters expressed their sense of loss and their estimation of her character as set forth in a formal Memorial adopted on October 7, 1892.  Here are some descriptive excerpts:

"She was not only the official head, but the founder of our Chapter, and it is entirely to her strong personal influence and persevering effort that it owes its organization.  Especially fitted for this work by her beautiful presence, her position in the country, and her illustrious kinship....that gracious a true gentlewoman, she succeeded in binding together this league of women - descendants of the patriots. Her devotion to its interests was unfailing even to the end; ....her thoughts were busy with plans for its welfare.  We shall feel it is a privilege to carry on the work she inspired, in grateful remembrance of her."                             

                                                                                          Rose       Rose       Rose       Rose       Rose
                                                                                          Centennial Regent

                                                                                                                                      Picture of Nancy Nixon Riddell - Centennial Regent      
                                                             Nancy Nixon Riddell
                                                                                     (Mrs. Jerard M. Riddell)

...AND NOW it is well over one hundred years later, and. Oneida Chapter's Centennial Regent Nancy Riddell continues to emulate Mrs. Conkling's dedication to the Society.  As New York State Corresponding Secretary 2004-2007, Nancy offered her personal message for potential Daughters of today and tomorrow.

"Oneida Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution was founded in 1893 in Utica, New York.  As the first women's organization in the city, it has always been an active society.  Our group today has nearly 100 members.  We have all been able to trace our ancestry to those who fought or aided in the Revolutionary War for freedom and the United States.  We would like you to consider joining Oneida Chapter. Our main objectives are History, Education, and Patriotism.  We honor our high school seniors with our "Good Citizens Awards" program, our middle grade students with an "American History Essay Awards" program, and we honor a Naval Junior ROTC senior high school student every year.  We have local, state and national scholarships and graduation awards to outstanding American History students.  We enjoy the work and the pleasure that it brings to students, parents, and the schools.  It makes us feel super!"

"Our current Registrar is Barbara Granato.  Do contact her if you are interested in joining DAR.  We would be pleased to welcome you as a member of this dedicated group of women."  

Nancy Riddell, Centennial Regent (1992-1995)
Oneida Chapter, NSDAR
Utica, New York


"As long as this Powerful Feminine Spirit is passed on from generation to generation, the DAR will be involved, creating enthusiasm for the Preservation of History, the Promotion of Education, and Patriotic Endeavor."

              Florence Roy, First Vice Regent 2001-2007, Regent 2010-2012
    Oneida Chapter, NSDAR
       Utica, New York


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